Elia (.Net Architect)

During the last years, we evolved in the wonder world of it.  We've created together with a group of developers apps to state the presence of staff members at electrical sites.  We helped them to fill in their transport papers, via mobile devices.  We created software to calculate the electricity that passed and will pass through a PP/LGL.  Based on those figures a electrical flow diagram can be created and estimates for the update of those PP/LGL requested.  We migrated from simple azman authorization to owin/oauth2.  We learned to work with NoSQL, Xamarin.iOS, UWP and much more.  We've set up tfs2017 to build iOS applications via at premises installed MacOs machine.  We start working with Visual Studio for Mac and migrates a lot of our applications to git source control.  At the same time we try to eliminate the Silverlight of our existing applications and merge them to UWP.  We are looking forward for the extension for 2019, because great technology and great challenges are waiting for us.  At the same time we tried to investigate further in the coderdojo world.  We are trying to setup a monthly reunion at Braine-le-comte.  We've helped at TADA to make the Children warm for the IT job.

Elia (.Net Architect)

We've signed another extension to the contract of Elia. This year we are going to implement iOS applications within the elia company. Besides that a lot of new challenges are opening, like Ololens, IoT,... It seems like this year will be fun...

CoderDojo - Etterbeek - CodeBug - Arduino

Last saturday we've got an Coderdojo event at Etterbeek, where we worked together with children from 7 yo till ... The purpose was to learn them with their own imagination to create a wearable application or give them a small boost in the arduino world.

Arduino automation

We created a new application to control the gate. The purpose of the project was to see some abilities of the arduino boards and apply those in a real useful project. Therefor we created the hardware which controls the gate and installed an arduino Yun. The yun is used, as this one contains a network controller and can be controlled remotely via a web interface.

Outside we installed a matrix keyboard. The keyboard allows the user to introduce a code he receives via the iPhone/Window 10 application. After check of the introduced code by one of our servers, the gate engine is activated.

The look and feel of the iPhone app and windows mobile app are similar to this :

The closed box has more this look :

ELIA Group - .Net Architect

Hello, It's yet some months ago we added a new entry to our Blog. Yes, we extended our contract for another year with Elia. We will work on adfs, the cloud applications, universal apps and a lot of other exciting IT stuff with c# and the dot.net environment. We will of course not forget the IOS, as the standard phone device is iPhone at Elia.

ELIA Group - .Net Architect

We are proud to announce an additional contract at Elia as .Net Architect using the technologies like : .net 4.5, adfs2, ef5.x, prism, mvc4-5, sql 2012, vs2013, ... 

We received an extension until the end of 2014.

Best wishes and merry xmas...

Elia - .Net Architect

Another extension to the contract at Elia has been signed today.  If everything goes well, we are at Elia until the end of 2013 as Technical Architect.

Update CV

As there is a lot of demand for the moment, we updated our CV for you.  Please feel free to download him if needed.

CLO-CV28022012.docx (50.40 kb)

IT Architect @ Elia.Be

Well, yes, we are allowed to work another year at Elia as Architect in the IT.Net environement.  We will develop together with the c# people a software compliant to the Elia environment.  We will try to assure the best performance of the Elia Electricity Network.  

Architect @ Elia

Finally I started back at Elia, where I take the task as Technical Architect. The actual contract takes me to the end of this year.


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